Taxes are a certainty in life that can be difficult for most. However, armed with the right knowledge, you can handle them quite easily. For 2020, let us take a very close look at what you need to know for tax season.


To start things off, make sure you know the tax deadlines like the back of your hand. Nothing is worse than missing a deadline due to a simple oversight. Remember, different tax forms have different periods. Consider making a schedule to remind you when each is due. If you happen to miss a deadline, contact the tax office immediately and request an extension. If you have a solid history of tax completion in the past, they might make exceptions for your timeline this year.

Report side income

Next, it’s in your best interest to report side income. The math might seem complicated to the untrained eye, but you’re securing more money for yourself overall. Besides, you’ll have to do it eventually down the road. It’s better to report your side income without delay, so it doesn’t pile up year after year. Side income can consist of part-time jobs or projects that you complete online. Every cent does matter when it comes to these numbers.

Track donations

Last but not least, track your donations to charity. Although it might not directly affect your taxes in the traditional sense, there are a couple of clauses where it’s crucial. If you have a strong history of donating, you might be eligible for different brackets. However, if your donation history isn’t updated, the government will have no way of knowing that you are making these contributions.


This year, you need to know these things for tax season in the grand scheme of things. Taxes aren’t impossible, but you do need to put forth a reasonable effort. Think about this info and finish off your taxes confidently!