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David Auer CPA is based in Tusla, OK. He is the President and Founder of Provident CPAs. Provident CPAs is a business that offers a holistic approach to business advice where three things are made a priority: increasing cash for a business, helping a business grow profitably, and exit well. The company also offers services such as tax minimization, business advising, and exit planning.

David earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University as well as his MS in Accounting. Shortly thereafter, he obtained his JD with honors from Oklahoma University College of Law and his LLM in Taxation from New York University School of Law. David wanted to ensure that, before going into practice, he was able to learn all that he could to be able to assist his clients best.

Throughout his career, David has found that most successful business owners don’t have anyone proactively telling them ways to save money when doing taxes. David Auer CPA discovered that through being more proactive, businesses experience increased savings which means more wealth for business owners. David and his team at Provident CPAs help decide the best place to invest so that a business’s savings are put back into the business itself. This helps create a potential increase in the value of a business so, should they decide to sell, they are getting the most they can from the sale.

David is also the creator of The Five-S.T.A.R. (Strategic Tax Advice with Results!) Program™. This program offers benefits such as allowing a person to take control of when and how much they pay in taxes, creating a strategic roadmap to building tax-free wealth through the tax advantages the wealthy use, setting up a business and investments in the best way to slash taxes and protect assets, legally lower taxes in ethical ways, and allow for peace of mind knowing there’s a team of advisors supporting you.

David Auer CPA and his team at Provident CPAs stand out from their competitors in that they are very strong on being proactive and on the advisory side of growing businesses. A combination of three things helps keep them set apart as well. Proactive and holistic business advice, concierge level service, and a personalized membership program rather than doing project-based work or billing by the hour.

When David isn’t working hard, he enjoys spending time with his wife and their three children. All of their kids are either currently in college or college graduates, so they love to spend any spare moments they can all together. All of them prioritize participating in their Tulsa community. They volunteer with their local church for food drives and community outreach programs. 

David and his family also enjoy traveling quite a bit. After David’s daughter spent time in Europe obtaining her English as a Second Language (ESL) certificate, the family was inspired by her travels. Some of the places the enjoy visiting include  Mexico, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and countries in Europe. One of David’s favorite travel-related memory is getting the opportunity to walk across a glacier while visiting Canada in July.

To learn more about David Auer CPA’s professional overview and insight into tax minimization, business advising, and exit planning, be sure to check back frequently for his newest updates!

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Past Positions

Founder and President

Provident CPA & Business Advisors offers a holistic approach to business advice where they do three things and do them well. Increase cash, Grow Profitably and Exit Well. From tax minimization to business advising, to exit planning, they offer a personalized membership program with a concierge level of service that can’t be matched.


  • Personal Financial Specialist (American Institute of CPAs)
  • Chartered Global Management Accountant (American Institute of CPAs_
  • Certified Tax Coach
  • Fellow with the Esperti Peterson Institute
  • Member of the Order of the Coif


BSBA and MS in Accounting

Juris Doctor with Honors