CPAs, also known as certified public accountants, are a staple in today’s society, even if many individuals are unaware of their contributions. CPAs serve businesses and individuals through a variety of positions. They are also required to pass a rigorous exam in order to prove that they possess the knowledge and experience necessary to earn their license.

What They Do

No two CPAs are exactly alike. After all, the title covers a wide variety of job positions. For example, some CPAs work in public accounting firms for small or large businesses, while others serve as chief financial officers. They may also work as consultants for accounting and tax issues.

CPAs work in a wide variety of industries. Some work in the public sector, while others serve non-profits. CPAs may also work for regulatory bodies or the government.

CPAs leverage their knowledge, experience, and certifications to help businesses run more smoothly. CPAs often prepare and review financial statements for businesses and individuals. They may also prepare tax returns, sign tax returns, and represent taxpayers before the IRS. CPAs are one of few positions that are legally able to represent someone before the IRS.

Why CPAs Are Important

Every company, no matter how small or large, requires financial management, and CPAs are often the best option to provide both businesses and individuals with any necessary services. They have proven their qualifications through the CPA exam, and have the experience to manage financial matters.

CPAs are responsible for safeguarding the integrity of a group’s financial information. They must ensure that all data is correct and of the utmost quality. CPAs may go unnoticed, but they are responsible for contributing to their organization and sector’s overall stability!

CPA Exam and Certification

Before someone can become a CPA, they have to meet a series of education and work requirements, as well as pass the rigorous series of CPA exams to earn their license. The license is recognized by employers and clients alike. Passing the exam means that CPAs are qualified and possess the knowledge and skills to provide excellent service. Once a CPA receives a license, they have many different options for job positions.

CPAs are extremely valuable members of the workforce. They are responsible for managing finances in a variety of capacities, and must meet strict education and certification requirements. CPAs have unique responsibilities and abilities that contribute to a variety of sectors and businesses.