Today, accountants are easily discoverable. There are various accountants that specialize in different elements of accounting. These options include tax accountants, small business accountants, and personal accountants. Each of these specialists suits different needs, but all have at least a basic understanding of accounting. An accountant is crucial to understanding where your revenue comes from and how much it costs to gain that revenue. No matter what business you’re in, every business needs an accountant. It’s important to understand certain factors before hiring your first accountant. Listed below are some requirements to match yourself with the right accountant. 


At the very least, you want an accountant that possesses the proper certifications. The three certifications of a qualified accountant are an undergraduate degree, a passing score in the licensure exams, and all the experience requirements for state certification. Additionally, there is one characteristic that separates a certain accountant from the rest. If they are continuing training or advancing in their field, this accountant will stay in your business for the future. 

Expertise in your industry: 

Every accountant has varying professionalism in each industry. Finding an accountant that is an expert in your industry is crucial. Not only will your accountant guide you through your numbers, but they will also teach you different elements of your industry. They may also possess connections in their network that may help you when you encounter a business problem. For your specific industry, there may be different recording, reporting, and filing of taxes. An accountant that specializes in your space will know exactly what practices of accounting they should use. 

Above proficient in taxes: 

One of the most daunting elements of businesses is taxes. Most business owners don’t have much knowledge of accounting unless they graduated with a degree in accounting. For this reason alone, many business owners seek accountants for guidance on taxes. Accountants can also guide on tax breaks. When tax season approaches, having an educated accountant will confirm you file your taxes correctly.