The accounting and bookkeeping staff of any organization should always be well-trained and skilled in all aspects of the division of labor in an accounting department. The financial records of a company must be accurate, transparent, and meticulously documented. To achieve these objectives, the financial staff must have strong hard and soft skills to do their jobs effectively, and they also need the support of management to acquire new skills.

Hard Skills

With day to day recording of financial transactions, the majority of times, these require the use of accounting software. This type of computer software can be highly sophisticated with custom programming, or it can be purchased off the shelf with little training needed. No matter what level of features the program has, bookkeepers and accountants, must be able to navigate through all the functions. Preparation for the current version of an accounting software program can be obtained through the manufacturer, or it can be taught by private companies who will offer technical support as part of their training package. If someone is self-disciplined and motivated to learn a program, many books and videos can be purchased to teach all the components of the product.

Spreadsheet programs are used to complement the accounting software, so knowing how to create a worksheet at various levels is another hard skill that will be required to record critical financial data. There are several ways to learn a spreadsheet program, but if a more structured platform is wanted, it is worth checking out After learning a program, practice exams will give the user a way to measure their progress and identify areas that need more studying. A comprehensive approach to taking a practice exam is found at To handle more difficult accounting tasks, it takes more than just a basic accounting class. Taking college-level accounting courses will teach an accountant or bookkeeper the proper way to handle complex transactions so that audits of any kind will provide favorable results.

Soft Skills

 The knowledge that comes from experience and good work ethics is also needed in an accounting department. Accuracy, organization, and problem-solving techniques can always be improved by continually being open to new ideas and observing the successful habits of others in the accounting field.