Business development plans across any industry are typically composed of two main strategies. The general goal is to grow existing clients while courting new prospects. There are a few industries that grow most notably through direct referrals, and these professionals cultivate a very loyal following. It isn’t simple to recommend a hairstylist, auto mechanic, lawyer, or accountant to someone who is already satisfied with their selection. The best opportunity for growth in these areas is to attract new business. Here are some unique ways to garner new clients for your accounting firm. 

Community Connections

Joining the local Chamber of Commerce is an investment that yields results for many accounting firms. Likewise, connecting with the Small Business Association (SBA)and real estate firms in your area can also be an effective networking strategy. The SBA provides opportunities to discover new businesses in the area that may require a CPA for their startup venture. Realtors often introduce buyers to local business owners to help establish roots in the new community. 

Social Media Networking

Social media is still one of the most crucial elements of staying relevant within a community. This step involves more than only posting pictures of random happenings and maybe buying some targeted ad space. Through social media platforms, you can let customers and prospects know what your firm is doing. Tell the community how they can connect with you at public places, private workshops, and networking events. You can even integrate electronic invitations and email reminders for upcoming events when people opt-in to learn more. 

Open House Events

People are naturally curious, even about accounting firms. Opening your doors to the public in a controlled environment leaves room for networking and setting up personal interviews with potential new clients. Create engaging announcements and invitations on your website and social media to highlight details of the upcoming event. You may choose to host an informative workshop on tax law changes or host a meet and greet. Depending on your budget, you can opt for light snacks and beverages or go all out and host an elaborate soiree. Either way, bringing people into your office space or conference area builds trust and new client relationships.